List of hostels and altitude profiles of stages

Hello my dear pilgrims or future pilgrims. I thought it could be very useful for you to have a complete list (that you can print) of all the hostels you will find along the way and a profile of all the elevations of the various stages. Knowing the various heights in advance could be very useful in order to plan the final stages and possible stops. As you well know, and if you don’t know it, just click here to know my story, I covered the entire French journey without a telephone and without any technological tool, with the exception of my video camera where I documented all the stages, and it was very important to be able to print the elevations and have a complete list of all the hostels.

To view the complete list of all hostels, click HERE.

To view the altimetry of all the stages of the French Way, click HERE.

To deepen the subject, to find out more and if you too have decided to walk the Camino de Santiago or dream of wanting to do it sooner or later, I suggest you buy my book where you will find out why every year, 300,000 people from all over the world, they decide to tackle the most famous Way in the world. If you too, like me, have always dreamed of giving up everything, aware that the life you lead is not the one you dreamed of as a boy, perhaps my experience could give you the courage that I lacked for 36 years …
Reading my experience, you will discover in detail and above all proven in the “field”:
• the history of the journey (historical notes, symbols and legends) and symbolic places;
• suitable clothing and shoes, which backpack to buy and above all what to put inside;
• duration and distance of the journey, how many days it takes to complete it and where to start based on the days available;
• how to train before leaving and the necessary physical preparation;
• how much does it cost to walk the path, where to eat and sleep along the path;
• whether walking the path alone can be dangerous for a woman and whether there is a possibility of getting lost;
• the answer to many questions and concerns (which were also mine) posed by many aspiring pilgrims and the possibility of contacting me to dispel all your doubts / hesitations;
• finally, I will tell you why a journalist and radio host gave up his whole life of comfort and materiality, to travel more than 900 km on foot from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean, alone and without a telephone, sleeping over that in the various hostels also on the street, in a stable, in a tent, in an abandoned monastery and living two days in a hippie community.

…. “I gave up everything, I left home, sold my car, motorcycle, clothes, my rolex and most of the material things I owned to follow that almost nagging, suffocating, undeterred feeling that once known does not make you find peace: SANTIAGO, the Camino de Santiago. My life needed answers that only a journey in complete solitude could give me “….

Below is the trailer of my entire journey. Good vision and… Buen Camino!

If you want to get to know me better, in the link below you will find an interview where I talk about my experience 👇👇👇