How to reach Saint Jean Pied de Port from Italy

For those who have the opportunity to walk the entire French Way or want to start their Way from France, reaching Saint Jean Pied de Port, the starting point of the French Way, is not easy. Saint Jean Pied de Port is in fact a small town at the foot of the French Pyrenees, right on the border with Spain and about fifty kilometers from the Atlantic coast. Reachable only by train or on four wheels, it has become an increasingly popular destination in recent years, which welcomes thousands of departing pilgrims in the summer. The simplest means of transport to reach south-western France is certainly the plane. The closest French airports and best connected with Italy are Lourdes, Biarritz, Bordeaux and Toulouse, while for Spain, really close by, the choice of San Sebastian stands out.
To reach Saint Jean Pied de Port you have various possibilities:
– a train that takes you to Nice and from there continue to Biarritz. Once in Biarritz, you reach Bayonne (by bus or train). From Bayonne you can take another train or a bus, which will take you to Saint-Jean.
– by plane, which represents the simplest solution, and offers multiple possibilities: you can take a plane to Paris and then take another one to Biarritz, or a plane to Lourdes, Bordeaux and Toulouse and from here reach by bus or Biarritz train. From Biarritz you have to follow the same indications as previously illustrated. I took a direct flight from Rome Ciampino-Lourdes and from here a taxi to reach Saint Jean directly instead of going to the Lourdes train station, taking a train that would take me to Bayonne and from here another train to reach Saint Jean. Attention, to reach Saint Jean by train from Lourdes, you cannot arrive in the afternoon, as happened to me, as the trains leave from Lourdes at: 06:33; 08:39; 1:32 pm; and last train departing at: 15:32.
Tip: If you meet other pilgrims on your plane, consider the shared taxi option. With a total cost of about three hundred euros you will reach Saint Jean directly (in about three hours), avoiding taking two different trains.

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